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I Am They (CD)

I Am They

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Muziek (nieuw verschenen) Populair Groepen

Prijs: € 15,95
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Artikelnummer : 083061098322
Auteur(s) : I Am They
Verschenen : Juni 2016
Conditie : Nieuw

There's no more powerful instrument for praising God and celebrating his majesty than the human voice. Where compelling voices intersect with a passion for spreading the gospel is where you'll find I Am They, a gifted young worship band from Carson City, Nevada that is redefining discipleship for today's generation. The six-member band includes Adam Palmer on lead vocals and guitar, Matthew Hein on lead vocals and guitar and Stephanie Kulla on lead vocals. Justin Shinn on keys, Bobby Stiehler on bass, and Adam's wife, Sara Palmer on drums. Together they've forged an organic sound that is fresh and inventive musically while serving up compelling songs that are easily embraced in corporate setting, yet have the personal feel of one heart crying out to the Father.

We Are Yours
Awake My Love
Your Love Is Mine
Over & Over Again
King Of Love
Even Me
From The Day
Make A Way
Here's My Heart

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