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Economy bible ESV colour ing

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Prijs: € 4,50
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EAN : 9781433528460
Taal : English
Verschenen : Februari 2014
Uitvoering : Ingenaaid
Conditie : Nieuw

With the ESV Economy Bible it's easier than ever to impact lives through the distribution of the Bible. One of the most affordable Bibles on the market, the ESV Economy Bible features the clear English Standard Version text, making it compelling and readable to those receiving a Bible for the first time.

The ESV Economy Bible features not only the full text of the ESV Bible, but also an article on What the Bible Is All About, a reading plan, and a plan of salvation. Highly affordable and designed especially for outreach, the ESV Economy Bible is a great resource for reaching the world with God's Word.

* Complete ESV black-letter text
* "What the Bible Is All About" article
* 40-day reading guide
* Plan of salvation

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