Glo (vinyl)

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Glo (vinyl)
Titel: Glo (vinyl)
Auteur: Delirious
Bestelnr.: 0000768680803
Verschenen: 17 oktober 2018
Prijs : € 29,90
Voorraad: Onbekend
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Delirious? The band that changed the face of worship music forever have made another step in to the unknown with the release of the vinyl Glo. The third Studio Album from Delirious? Glo released in the year 2000 is really a piece of history as it marked that period in history and reflected how much things were changing. For many this album became a soundtrack. Delirious? made steps towards a more electronic and mainstream whilst maintaining the worship heart of the band with moving songs like “What Would I Have Done?” and “Intimate Stranger”. 

01 God You Are My God
02 GLO In The Dark, Part 1
03 God's Romance
04 Investigate
05 GLO In The Dark, Part 2
06 What Would I Have Done?
07 My Glorious
08 Everything
09 Hang On to You
11 Intimate Stranger
12 Awaken The Dawn
13 GLO In The Dark, Part 3
14 The Years Go By
15 Jesus' Blood
16 GLO In the Dark, Part 4



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