Today is going to be great

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Today is going to be great
Titel: Today is going to be great
Auteur: Kleurkaarten - Postcards book
Bestelnr.: 6006937136298
Verschenen: 28 juni 2018
Prijs : € 5,95
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Grab a set of colored pencils settle down and get creative! A fun, relaxing way to unwind. Use these cards for anti-stress therapy and biblical inspiration. Today Is Going To Be A Great Day! This collection of coloring cards is compiled of inspirational Scripture verses and quotes complemented by beautiful designs to color and bring your creativity to life.  

The booklet includes 20 exquisitely designed coloring cards, one side for coloring and the back side for a personal message. Each card is easy to tear out and perfect to give as a greeting to someone special.  

Size: 12,0 cm(br) x 16,5 cm(h)
20 coloring cards
Easy tear-out
Shrink wrap packaging



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