Shine - Color your life beautiful

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Shine - Color your life beautiful
Titel: Shine - Color your life beautiful
Auteur: Kleurboek
Bestelnr.: 9781432114886
Verschenen: 8 november 2018
Prijs : € 10,95
Voorraad: Onbekend
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Cast away that which makes waves in your life and recapture calm and serenity in the pages of this maritime themed Christian Inspirational Coloring Book. Share the joy of coloring again and invite others to join you - the perforated pages make this a shareable pastime. Color and hang the beautiful artwork with Scripture on the fridge to inspire with every glance! This volume beacons with its diverse selection of designs, patterns, motifs and ink drawings, all waiting to be filled with your colors. The book is bound in glossy heavy-duty stock with embossed text and design. Product details: - Perforated One-Side Printed Sturdy Pages - Designed for Fun, Serenity, Calmness and Quiet Inspiration - Includes Gift Tags, Bookmarks and Cards to Color - Presentation Page for Gift-Giving - Scripture on Every Page - 178 x 254 mm - 62 Designs Plus Extras

Verschenen: 2016 | Taal: Engels | Leverancier: Christian Art Gifts



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