Fair play on both sides

Fair play on both sides
Titel: Fair play on both sides
mediating disputes between citizens and public authorities
Auteur: Dick Allewijn
Bestelnr.: 9789012390712
Uitgever: Sdu Uitgeverij
Verschenen: 3 mei 2013
Prijs : € 24,95
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This book is about mediations involving public authorities. Dick Allewijn draws on his wealth of experience as an administrative judge and mediator in confl icts between public authorities and citizens to explore the distinctive aspects of these confl icts. He provides insights and strategies to help mediators do the best possible job. He analyses the various relationships and explains how mediation can improve them. Formal procedures invariably revolve around the legality of the actions taken by a public authority, but most citizens who challenge a public authority are concerned with fairness rather than legality. Public authorities have barely any room to manoeuvre on points of law but they can show a willingness to treat people fairly. In return, the public authorities ask citizens to be honest and state their case openly. By agreeing on a certain behavioural protocol the public authority and the citizen can take a step towards each other. This is much more in keeping with what mediation is about than situations in which citizens petition public authorities and public authorities operate strictly by the book. This book was written primarily for mediators who meet public authorities at their negotiating table. But other professionals will find it useful as well: public sector officials who want to hone their conflict management skills, legal counsels, managers who have to regulate conflict-management procedures in their own organization, and the various people who refer cases for mediation such as administrative judges, chairs of appeal boards, and complaint handlers. And, last but certainly not least, citizens who feel frustrated by the bureaucratic procedures in government agencies and want to do battle with them. Hopefully, they too will realize the benefits that can be gained by `fair play on both sides.



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