The Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act

The Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act
Titel: The Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act
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Verschenen: 2 november 2012
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The Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act (Wet arbeid vreemdelingen: 'WAV') has gained renewed interest, especially since 2004. This is due to the accession of the new Central and East European Member States to the EU. The free movement of workers, however, did not yet apply to those new Member States, whereas a relatively large number of workers came from those countries to become acquainted with the Netherlands labour market. This led to an abundance of case law, which has proved, more than previously, to give a better insight into the content of the WAV. his book is intended for lawyers who deal with the WAV in practice. Although the approach is practical, the book also gives reason for debate on the question of whether the legislature has not gone too far with some aspects of the WAV. In addition to the case law, use has been made of the relevant literature which has been published on this subject.



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