The first god / 2

The first god / 2
Titel: The first god / 2
Auteur: Adrian Stone
Bestelnr.: 9789024571390
Uitgever: Luitingh-Sijthoff
Verschenen: 20 december 2015
Prijs : € 7,99
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The First God is the second and last book of the Rune series by Dutch author Adrian Stone. A direct sequel to his Devil trilogy.

Marak Fourfingers, the lead character in Adrian Stone's Devil-trilogy, is no more than a memory.
The mad God-Emperor of Kadish rules with an iron fist, making full use of the power granted by the Eighth Rune. While he sets in motion his diabolical plans, a lethal mist starts flowing from the tree temple on the Carolian peninsula a mist that threatens to destroy all life on both continents.
In the meantime, rune priest Ghelan struggles with his recently acquired powers and is faced with a desperate choice. Serina, priestess and harem member, also gets dragged along in the unscrupulous race between power-hunger and survival instinct a race that affects even the world of the gods.
In this compelling sequel to The Eighth Rune, Adrian Stone again shares his visions on timeless, life-determining aspects: power and its misuse, discrimination, global harmony, and how to reach it.

'Rune combines classical fantasy with contemporary social themes. The plot is carried by life-like characters and a fascinating setting.'

Adrian Stone is the pseudonym for Ad van Tiggelen (1958). Like no other, Stone possesses the literary qualities to encapsulate complicated matters such as religion and history in a compellingly thrilling, classically modelled fantasy story. Find more information about the author and his books on:



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