The future of love

The future of love
Titel: The future of love
Auteur: Adjiedj Bakas
Bestelnr.: 9789055949083
Uitgever: Scriptum
Verschenen: 6 maart 2012
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Until 1850 you died at the average age of 40 and could be with your loved one for a maximum of 15 years. Now we die at 90 and soon at the age of 120. Can we love the same person for 100 years? And what if your mother in law becomes 120 as well? Marriage contracts in the future will be limited to 10 years. Afterwards the marriage is automatically dissolved and the two partners involved can negotiate if they want to extend the contract or not. It will become normal to have more lovers in one lifetime, or even two or more parallel love lives, the 'latinization of love'. Kids fit less in love lives and even married couples will not live together fulltime anymore. Robots will become emotional beings and we may fall in love with them as well. For many people pets will fulfill their need for warmth and intimacy. Currently 1:4 people feel lonely and loneliness will become one of the major issues of the 21st century. Youngsters don't fall in love anymore and amongst teenagers the trend is 'less dating, more hooking up'. Love is more related to work, as we meet lovers more to work, due to the blur between business and private lives and the need for another work-life balance. Read all about the megatrends that reshape your love life in the brand new trendbook! This English edition is available as E-book now. A paper edition may follow later. The Dutch edition was very successful.



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