The client always has the

The client always has the
Titel: The client always has the
Auteur: Ammy Kuiper
Bestelnr.: 9789058711625
Uitgever: Thema, Uitgeverij
Verschenen: 24 juni 2010
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Ask anyone how they deal with clients and they will say: The client is king. But how do you deal with this king in practice? Because, as well as being king, clients always have the right of way. But do you know the Highway Code that relates to clients? Are you actually working in a client-oriented way or have you come to a full stop at well-meaning friendliness? The question really is what is client-orientation actually about? How can you really get to know your client and how can you do everything to make sure your client comes back every time? Or even better, how do you ensure that your client acts as a reference for you? In The Client Always Has the Right of Way you will find all the tips and tools that will help you to be or to become really client-oriented. The checklists contain all the ins and outs of dealing with clients. And because we all have to deal with clients in our work external clients its true, but also with internal clients; our own colleagues nobody should be without this collection. At least if you want to ensure good relationships with your clients. Ammy Kuiper studied political sciences in Amsterdam and trained as a drama teacher in drama schools in Utrecht and Brussels. In her work as a trainer and consultant she creates a link between learning and acting. At Schouten & Nelissen she facilitates projects on client-orientation, management, personal presentations and image and communications.



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