The Original Gita

The Original Gita
Titel: The Original Gita
Auteur: G.D.C. Kuiken
Bestelnr.: 9789078623052
Verschenen: 8 oktober 2010
Prijs : € 4,99
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The original gita Comments and Word-for-Word Sanskrit Translations Available in English for the first time, The Original Gita focuses on the basic philosophical and practical essentials of life and living. The questions:What is thought? What is space-time? What is life-death? are examined to give a foundation for the understanding of the Gita. The author comments on the 209 verses of The Original Gita, and a Sanskrit-to-English word-for-word translation is given of the 319 verses in the classic Bhagavad Gita that correspond to these verses. A mini Sanskrit-English dictionary is included for further clarification. Work according to your characteristic style, in agreement with the teachings. To fall teaches one to rise. Be yourself and let others be themselves. The Original Gita We might go on reading books and listening to wise people but we have to investigate for ourselves. Only personal inquiry can bring us understanding and take us beyond limitation. From the Introduction All students of the perennial wisdom and the Gita will want to make a careful study of this book. David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Dr. Gerard D. C. Kuiken received his Ph.D. from the Delft University of Technology, where he lectured in the fields of rheology and thermodynamics. He is the author of Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes, has studied yoga since his youth, and resides in The Hague in The Netherlands



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