the big data revolution

the big data revolution
Titel: the big data revolution
a survey of its far-reaching consequences
Auteur: Anwar Osseyran
Bestelnr.: 9789082199338
Verschenen: 3 oktober 2014
Prijs : € 7,95
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The Big Data Revolution The future is in the hands of those who are able to make good use of the large abundance of data around us. Big Data is not only a hype for computer scientists and data freaks but is a very hot item in many board rooms and cabinet offices. More and more businesses and governments are discovering the big potential of mining the data space. It is all around us on the internet but it is in huge amounts, scattered and unstructured, volatile and unreliable, open but also invasive. Detecting the correct trends and making wise decisions from the tangle of Big Data is far from easy. Of crucial importance here is that businesses must start making use of all available internal and external digital information that is vital to their sales and profits. Those who manage to extract and exploit the facts will own our data-driven future. In this quick scan we survey the world of Big Data, exploring the challenges and opportunities it presents, but also the downsides.



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