Shocking Contrast

Shocking Contrast
Titel: Shocking Contrast
Auteur: Wiene
Bestelnr.: 9789082237856
Verschenen: 13 januari 2018
Prijs : € 7,95
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Sabine, a marketing and sales student, has come to Curacao to intern at a real estate business. She finds herself receiving a warm welcome. Within the small family business, everyone is incredibly close. And the internship project suits her to a tee. Promoting villas of a yet to be built project. Her target demographic are people over fifty. Her knowledge of modern media, such as Facebook and Instagram, comes in handy. Despite the fact that the internship has only just begun, she is praised for her performance. Then, she meets Simone. She is a feisty bartender who shows Sabine around on the island. They soon form a special bond. One that confuses Sabine, but also excites her. After some time, Sabine is ordered to help an older couple from the Netherlands during the purchase of a villa. The villa is to be their life insurance. Things seem to be going extremely well for Sabine. Until she is expected to do things she cannot get behind. She is faced with an impossible dilemma. Should she join in the unforgiving game for the big bucks or will she listen to her conscience?



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