The power of Facebook / Take it or leave it

The power of Facebook / Take it or leave it
Titel: The power of Facebook / Take it or leave it
Auteur: Peter Olsthoorn
Bestelnr.: 9789089545190
Verschenen: 18 maart 2013
Prijs : € 2,99
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The price you pay for the great joy of Facebook. Take it or leave it! This is the short version - about 80 pages - of "It's Complicated - The Power of Facebook", For all users who want to know what Facebook with us. Crash course for all thinking Facebook users This is in fact the edition for every single Facebook user, to learn how this fantastic, enormous social network is working for us. Why do you enjoy it so much? Which price you pay for using it? Its also the perfect guide for parents and grandparents to learn how the social network is dealing with our needs and information. Although the main book "It's Complicated - The Power of Facebook" offers deeper insights, also from sociologists and philosophers. Get rid of internet innocence You will never be again an innocent user of Facebook or any other so-called `free service on the internet after reading the powerful description of the broad range of aspects of this wonderfully created technology. At the end you can formulate a clear answer on the question: Take it or leave it? Or maybe: how do we and Facebook have to change in order to keep a happy relationship? Contents 1. The pleasure of Facebook 2. Facebooks kitchen secrets 3. The great power, the internet passport 4. The fantastic privacy labyrinth 5. The huge data struggle 6. Brands want your friendship 7. Social ties and divorce, regrets and murder 8. From tinkering to Facebookaholism 9. CIA, police and cybercrime 10. The boss and his competition 11. How does Facebook become our friend?



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