The future of shopping - English version

The future of shopping - English version
Titel: The future of shopping - English version
Auteur: Jorg Snoeck
Bestelnr.: 9789401447294
Verschenen: 21 november 2018
Prijs : € 23,99
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How will people shop in the future?
Why are there so many bankruptcies in the retail sector and so many empty shops in our high streets?
What can brands and retailers do to survive?

Traditional retail is dead. Economic, demographic and above all technological developments have made it obsolete. The static shop has made way for a multiplicity of different retail forms. Thanks to digitalization, the world has become a single gigantic marketplace.

As a result of this revolution, a new type of consumer has been born, who is also producer and retailer. Today, it is the shoppers who determine what a brand stands for and how it presents itself to the public. In a world of change, everything needs to be reinvented.



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