Adrenalin run, surviving a blue monday

Adrenalin run, surviving a blue monday
Titel: Adrenalin run, surviving a blue monday
running through Europe
Auteur: Anneke Eising
Bestelnr.: 9789402162493
Verschenen: 17 oktober 2017
Prijs : € 6,99
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Jessie lives in the Netherlands. When she wakes up one Monday morning, she has a premonition about what is to come next. This Doomsday- feeling intensifies as the day progresses. She discovers, that although some adults have good intentions, she cannot really trust all of them. Against her will, she is being forced to travel trough Europe. When she finds out where she is, she has no money, no phone and worst of all: no friends. Her determination and inner strength help her to survive. She turns out to be a natural leader who slowly opens her heart to strangers. These strangers are fundamental to her survival. The adrenalin rushes she experiences, are helping her to feel strong and capable of near- impossible things. However, the adrenalin is also starting to tear her down. Will she survive? Will she be able to see her family again? It is a fast paced story that will take you through parts of Europe. Design: Onna Artem-Art



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