Titel: Bloodaholic
addiction has never been so intoxicating
Auteur: R.J. Meulens
Bestelnr.: 9789402167092
Verschenen: 20 september 2017
Prijs : € 3,99
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Months had passed since Dorian encountered peace. He found it with Elizabeth, the only person that taught him, love. The only thing he wanted was to marry her. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Unexpectedly, a person from his past came to his life, offering him the one thing he did not have. A chance to be with Elizabeth forever. Tempted and in despair, Dorian accepted the gift that later became his curse. Turning him into an unsatisfied killer, bringing death to everyone and leaving nothing but a trail of blood. But, in all that madness, a secret will be revealed and a much darker truth will surface. Something that will turn the threat to Dorian himself. Leaving his faith and Elizabeth's in an epic ending.



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