The Netherlands

The Netherlands
Titel: The Netherlands
in 26 iconic objects
Bestelnr.: 9789460034367
Verschenen: 3 augustus 2016
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What do things like liquorice, geraniums, beer bikes and sandwiches say about the Dutch? And why are bicycles so incredibly popular in The Netherlands? It's a known fact that the Dutch didn't invent the cheese slicer. But why is it then that whenever the Dutch parliament debates about cutting budgets and making savings, someone always suggests using the 'cheese slicer method' - meaning that every department should make a few cuts here and there. The Dutch didn't actually invent the biscuit tin, though. Their strict management over its content is very Dutch. Hospitable and generous as Dutch hosts are, biscuits are limited. This book offers offers an 'objective' self-portrait and an unique and provocative (self)reflection of The Netherlands.



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