Smart about cities

Smart about cities
Titel: Smart about cities
visualizing the challenges for 21st century urbanism
Auteur: Maarten Hajer
Bestelnr.: 9789462081819
Verschenen: 22 oktober 2014
Prijs : € 19,95
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city. The smart city is based on innovative urban planning, which itself is based on smart technologies that not only make cities safer and cleaner, but also (and especially) more efficient. But is this actually making cities any better? In this book, Maarten Hajer and Ton Dassen (PBL) argue for `smart urban planning, thereby providing a counterweight to the uncritical embrace of the smart city. Smart urban planning aims at finding solutions to what twentieth-century urban planning forgot: the metabolism of cities, i.e. the wide variety of incoming and outgoing streams that connect urban life with nature. This metabolism is visualized in 50 infographics, giving us answers to questions such as: what do cities live off of? How much water, food, construction materials, and other materials do they use? What amount of those materials do they dispose of? How effective is the metabolism? This book makes an appeal for `global-network urban planning, in which technology is not a panacea, but instead is anchored in social innovations. Smart about Cities



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