The New Constitution

The New Constitution
Titel: The New Constitution
According to Osism
Auteur: Han Peeters
Bestelnr.: 9789462170964
Verschenen: 22 december 2017
Prijs : € 6,99
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After 5,000 years of feudal rule, a new constitution is needed. The helm must be turned around completely if we are to save ourselves from destruction. Every day, people watch the news showing the injustices and feel helpless to change it. Although convinced we are on the wrong track, we question what can be done. Although the elite make up only 1% of the population, they have control, because money is power. The other 99% have compassion for their fellow man, but are not able to do anything about the inequality. Osism and the OcOmmunity discussed in this book have the goal of putting the money and the power into the hands of the 99%. The aim is to stop the injustices, inequality, and those who only act in favor of their own agendas. The New Constitution promotes a different approach to everything we now take for granted. The New Constitution, using the example of the Dutch Constitution, is the global foundation for a non-violent and democratic revolution. Power to the people



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