Boundaries and intersections

Boundaries and intersections
Titel: Boundaries and intersections
5th annual MAA schlechtriem CISG conference
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Verschenen: 9 december 2014
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This book explores how the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) interacts with non-uniform domestic laws, international laws and soft laws in jurisdictions around the world. It covers topics as diverse as: recent US federal court encounters with mthe CISG; roots and traces of the CISG in the Common European Sales Law (CESL); and potential coverage of `emotional defects by the CISG. Other chapters pose a novel approach to determining the CISGs scope or look beyond the CISG to future developments and directions. This volume is sure to provide food for thought for anyone advising on or interested in international commercial transactions, and is a valuable addition to the collections of academics and practitioners alike.



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