Freedom and its enemies 9

Freedom and its enemies 9
Titel: Freedom and its enemies 9
the tragedy of liberty
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Verschenen: 15 oktober 2015
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Contemporary Western constitutional systems promised a liberty-based political and social order. Yet over time,liberty has turned into a self-destructive force, as rights claims have been increasingly advanced not to defend negative liberties, but to demand positive action from governments to promote freedom or righteous causes.Freedom and Its Enemies reflects on the demise of liberty from the perspective of political practice and through the lenses of political theory, constitutional law and human rights. The authors contemplate key problems from the broader perspective of constitutionalism and liberty, address the tension between liberty and dignity, and bring case studies on particularly challenging issues to the discussion.The sheer depth and richness of the contributions in this collection make this volume a useful roadmap for a much needed dialogue.



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