The power of preeminence

The power of preeminence
Titel: The power of preeminence
high performance principles to accelerate your business and career
Auteur: Paul W.P. Rulkens
Bestelnr.: 9789462761872
Verschenen: 20 april 2017
Prijs : € 14,50
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If you want to accelerate your business and career and stand out like a tall giraffe surrounded by tiny field mice, now is the time to get serious and get going. In this book, high performance expert Paul Rulkens offers the best ideas, insights and techniques to get everything you can out of everything you have from business growth to maximizing your own performance. In 'The Power of Preeminence' you will learn the critical skills and inside secrets to: * Focus on the few things necessary for business success * Dramatically grow your business and career * Achieve twice the results in half of the time * Strategically quit your way to achieve big goals * Communicate anything to anyone * Quickly and cheaply innovate and outsmart your competition * Rapidly build essential high-performance habits * Become part of the top 10 percent in your professional field About the author Paul Rulkens has drawn from his extensive experience in developing high-performance organizations and individuals to create a guide packed with proven and practical ideas. You do not have to be ill in order to become better. Whether you are a business leader, company owner or ambitious professional, The Power of Preeminence has what you need to significantly raise the bar, set a new standard and rapidly take you and your organization to the next level of business and career success. 'The Power of Preeminence' is also published in Dutch: Uitstekend - High-Performanceprincipes voor zakelijk en professioneel succes



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