Heart for the earth, heart for yourself

Heart for the earth, heart for yourself
Titel: Heart for the earth, heart for yourself
a guide to living naturally
Auteur: Brigitte van Baren
Bestelnr.: 9789491363566
Verschenen: 30 november 2015
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ôThe earth and ourselves are inseparably connected. But we generally donÆt seem a realise that. We appear to believe that the earth is at our unlimited disposal, rather than we ourselves being part of it. The purpose of this book is to show how you can restore the natural connection between yourself and the earth. The authors, Johannes Witteveen and Brigitte van Baren, discuss the subject ù each in the context of their own spiritual tradition and their personal experiences in life and work ù on the basis of the four key principles of the Earth Charter. In the process they explain the importance of aspects such as silence and conscious breathing, as well as providing practical tips that will enable you to discover that heart for yourself is heart for the earth. And vice versa, of course.ö



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