Social enterprise unraveled

Social enterprise unraveled
Titel: Social enterprise unraveled
best practice from the Netherlands
Auteur: Willemijn Verloop
Bestelnr.: 9789492004055
Verschenen: 17 juni 2014
Prijs : € 9,95
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Social enterprise is an up and coming phenomenon around the world. Businesses with the primary aim of bettering the world. Social enterprises are claiming a distinct place amongst commercial enterprises, charities, and public sector organizations. This book paints an inspiring picture of the social enterprise, what it is and what it is not. How it works and what the challenges are. With a wide range of examples from the Netherlands, most of which can be found elsewhere across the world. A book with global relevance. Easy to read, insightful, and inspiring. For anybody who is interested in social entrepreneurship and its growing impact on our society at large. By the founders of Social Enterprise NL, the national society of Social Enterprises in the Netherlands. Willemijn Verloop founded the international humanitarian organization War Child and was its executive director for fifteen years. Mark Hillen was a Managing Partner at Accenture, the worlds largest business consulting firm.



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