The Power of Generations

The Power of Generations
Titel: The Power of Generations
how to keep aging organizations up to date
Auteur: Aart Bontekoning
Bestelnr.: 9789492004529
Verschenen: 9 december 2017
Prijs : € 9,95
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About 85% of companies & institutions in old economies are aging at an incredible rate. Many of them were very successful last century, but now face the ever more prevalent question of how to stay vital and up to date. This energizing book about successive generations will show surprising new ways. The evolution of aging organizations in Europe and beyond depends on the youthfulness of all working generations, from the youngest to the oldest. Aart Bontekoning has developed and tested a scanning method across successive generations that shows quickly and clearly where updates are needed and how to activate culture-updating processes. It requires a willingness to look for solutions across the boundaries of the existing culture. Humor, interaction between generations and contemporary leaders are important ingredients. The process can become hugely exciting. Dr. Aart Bontekoning is a Dutch organizational psychologist and gen¼eration expert. In the 1990s, he ran numerous experiments to study the evolutionary power of generations. Between 2000 and 2007, he de¼veloped a generation theory and a generation research methodology. In 2007, his groundbreaking generation research culminated in a PhD thesis titled 'Successive Generations in Dutch Organizations, Hidden Powers of Evolution of Cultures.' Today, many companies are using his insights. There is also growing interest outside the Netherlands, not least because his scientific generation work is unique in the world. He adopts a generational perspective to show us the evolution of how we do and think. Gerrit Brouwer, CEO of Appical: 'We produce onboarding apps for companies all over the world. Millennials are the most important us¼ers. Aart's generation insights inspire us to create the best possible fit.' Suzanne Merritt, former Director of the Polaroid Creativity Lab, currently leading Flow-tography workshops around the world: 'This groundbreaking book about generations has given me a boost of energy.' Edwin Hageman, CEO of INTO IT & Telecom: 'Companies in (digital) transformation should make sure the company's culture is up to date, stimulating the adoption of new technologies by both the younger and older generations. This book has great insights for HR, change and people managers.'



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