A world for cyclists

A world for cyclists
Titel: A world for cyclists
edition 1-2015
Auteur: Don Muschter
Bestelnr.: 9789492305046
Verschenen: 20 augustus 2015
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Edition 1 2015. The Algarve, top destination for road bike training. Dress up right, tips on bike gear. Côte d'Azur by bike: Nice-Marseille. World for Cyclists is the must-have magazine for the genuine lover of cycling. For the road biker, those who love to mountainbike, and all others that prefer the touring bike holidays. Cycling, it's fascinating, it gets a hold on you, and it's part of life, both on and off the bike. Some love climbing in mountainous regions; others prefer speeding on the flat; and there are also people who like to go on a cycling holiday with their partner, bags fixed to the bike and riding from one spot to another. You pay attention to your biking gear, your clothes, and your physical condition. And you enjoy life to the full. The magazine A World of Cyclists reports on destinations for cyclists and the particular challenges you are likely to meet on your way. It reports on cycling holidays, and on training weekends. It advises you on clothing, what to wear and when; on getting into shape and staying that way. Our reporters take you on exciting journeys to beautiful destinations and describe their adventures, their experiences and physical challenging circumstances they found on their path and the joy of it all. For cyclists, riding is a true and sincere love. Our magazine is about precisely that.



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